Why You Will Never Make It As A Screenwriter

You asked why...
You're too young.  You're over the hill.  
You aren't committed enough.
The industry is in turmoil. 
You don't write for the market.
You sell out for marketability. 
Nobody is buying.  
You're not a lesbian.  
You're a woman.  
You're a white male.
No one is interested in minority pieces.  

You are void of talent.  You don't know what you're doing.  You're hard to work with.  You don't stand up for your vision.  You don't take risks.  Your shit is too crazy.  You don't follow the rules.  Your scripts read like a screenwriting manual.  You're cursed.  You don't deserve a break.  You don't have what it takes.  You don't have an agent.  You don't have a manager.  You don't have a lawyer.  You don't have any connections.  You haven't won any competitions.  All you've done is win competitions.  Your stuff's too indie.  You're not stable enough.  You're boring.  You have no standards.  Hollywood is designed to keep you out.  You have no balls.  You don't live in L.A.  It's all luck and you have none.  You don't try hard enough.  You try too hard.  You suck.

 Amazing pic by Corrie