Tired? Frustrated? Ready To Blow Your Screenwriting Brains Out? This Is For You

For you, baby
Due to the overwhelming popularity of my previous post, it has become painfully clear that screenwriters struggle with motivation, and really appreciate even the smallest crumbs of encouragement.   That is so wrong!

We shouldn't have to crave crumb-sized morsels of motivation doled out as occasional recognition for all the hard work we do, we should be showered with buckets of the stuff at every turn.  The long hours that stretch into days, weeks, and sometimes months of isolation, the dedication, the struggle, the strength of character, the mental prowess, and the sheer force of will; every last one of these things deserves to be recognized - nay - lavishly celebrated.  Your praises deserve to be sung from the highest of mountain tops, damn it!

Some of us are lucky enough to have one or two, maybe three, cheerleaders who get it, but many more are doing this alone, against the odds, with nothing but a bunch of other writers and a dream to keep them going.  That is grossly out of proportion to what we actually do.   Sure we get the recognition when we make the sale or get the gig, but where are our crowds of cheering fans that keep us going while we do the actual work?  Where are the announcers giving a play-by-play of every brilliantly executed reversal, every spectacular line of dialogue, every brutal scene cut?  Where are the groupies who faint as we pass them on the long walk from our bed to the laptop?  Where is our royal treatment? 

We deserve it, damn it.

And it ain't coming any time soon, so this will have to suffice.  Enjoy.

(Play full-screen, max volume for full motivational impact, baby!)

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 Music: 'Mechanolith', by Kevin MacLeod.
Voice: Mike Elmore

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