Does Your Script Really Need Another Damn Rewrite?

Crayon pic by TheGiantVermin
It's arts and crafts day here at The Single Screenwriter.  (I needed something low key as I recover from International Sleep With A Screenwriter Week.)

I was going to talk about rewrites.  Not the actual process, which I covered in my post A Realistic Guide to Rewrites, but how to determine when enough is enough.  Today's original post was huge and rambling and all-over-the-place confusing.  At times, I didn't even know what the hell I was trying to say.  It was ugly.

So to spare you the hours of pain trying to sort through a crappy post a difficult and confusing topic, I figured I'd screw around on Photoshop all day simplify the process by making you a handy dandy flowchart. 

You're welcome.

Click this sucker for full sized glory


  1. Thanks. Glad you got a kick out of it. It was fun to make.

    (And yes, I'm damned...)

  2. Hey! Wait a minute! Where's the arrow out of hell? My hooker platforms are starting to melt. I paid good money for these suckers, damn it!

  3. Jules, ummm... Don't think there is an arrow out. Meet me at the boiling water cooler and we'll try to make a break for it, if only to save the lives of those poor goldfish swimming around in those damn fine see-thru plastic platforms of yours.

  4. Christina,

    Unfortunately, it really does...