What I've Been Doing When I should Have Been Blogging

So, other than the occasional pathetic tweet, the Single Screenwriter disappeared on you .  What's with that?  You already know I have no life outside of writing, sleep, and the occasional shower.  (No, I didn't include food on that list because, hey, writing and eating at the same time is a skill I have mastered.  I'm talented that way.)  So what's up with the lack of Single Screenwriter love?

I won't take the blame for this one.  If you wanna form a lynch mob and go after someone, I nominate Nancy Bilyeau.  See, Nancy's a good friend of mine, and her second novel is about to be released.  How cool is that?!  But we all know that being an author, even a kick-ass one like Nancy, requires huge piles of work that doesn't include writing.  Specifically that one thing all writers hate - marketing. 

(Feel free to retch.  That word brings it out in all of us.)

That's where I come in.  I hate marketing as much as the next writer, but it's so much easier to do for a project that's not your own, especially when it's a damn good book and it gives me an excuse to creatively play!

So, to make a long story short, I put the below teaser trailer together for her when I really should have been blogging.  Check it out.  I hope it's enticing enough to convince some of you to pick up the book.   Even if you don't normally read historical thrillers, it's worth it.  There's a little something for everyone in it - religion, politics, sexual tension, torture, brutal deaths, and a dash of the paranormal.  Yeah!

(Click for full screen before watching for the full effect!)

And if you haven't read her first book, you should probably check that out first.

That's my excuse.  I promise I'll get back to giving you your blog fix soon!