Is Hollywood Breast Milk Poison?

I used to think that the World Health Organization (WHO) was cool. I mean, they brought breastfeeding back into vogue and smacked down sleazy formula company practices in 3rd world countries. That is totally COOL. I mean who doesn't support whipping out naked breasts in public, right? (Oh, and it's better for kids too, but that's beside the point...)

But now the WHO has gone and tried to mess with Hollywood, and that just pisses me off. I don't know how I missed this little tidbit of information when it was first released, but according to a WHO press release:

Backed by evidence that smoking in movies causes youths to want to light up, the World Health Organization is calling upon countries to enact enforceable policies that would severely restrict such depictions.

It goes on to recommend that, "all future movies with scenes of smoking should be given an adult rating, with the possible exception of movies that reflect the dangers of tobacco use or that depict smoking by a historical figure who smoked."

Smoking is bad. We get it. Even all those evil smokers spawned from Satan's nicotine laced loins get it. But expecting Hollywood to be a how-to guide on smart life choices is going too far. Hello?! That's what parents are for. Hollywood is there to entertain, and entertainment and good life choices rarely go hand in hand. Characters need flaws and warts and crappy life choices or they would be no more entertaining than that weird relative you avoid sitting beside at holiday dinners. And who wants to watch him for two hours?
WHO, back off and let parents do the parenting, and leave Hollywood alone. If there is questionable material on the screen, let parents use it as an opportunity to discuss serious topics with their children if they so choose. And if they don't, Darwin will weed them out. Don't mess with the natural evolution of the species.

Hollywood isn't about moralizing society. It's about telling a good story. But if you insist on pursuing this campaign to limit smoking in films based on the negative influence it has on youth, then you should really expand your cause to call for the ban of ALL dangerous activities that appear in just about every movie aimed at the youth market such as:
excessive drinking, car chases, unprotected sex, do-it-yourself bomb making, leaping out of planes, making smart-ass comments to big meat-head guys with tempers, making smart-ass comments to anyone pointing a loaded weapon, making smart-ass dares that under-aged drunken asses will actually try to do, just about everything males do in movies to impress the hot chick, etc. etc. They all kill.

If you're a youth and are stupid enough to do any of these things just because you saw it in a movie, then the world is really better off without you and your parents should be shot for raising a moron.

We're back to Darwinism again. If a good portion of today's youth is parented by Hollywood, then chances are good that they'll do something stupid and get themselves killed before they have a chance to procreate thereby saving the world from yet another generation of morons. This is a good thing.

WHO, stick to promoting breasts, let Hollywood entertain, and parents parent. Or at least tone it down and just limit your attack to lazy screenwriters who use smoking as an easy out to show the good guys from the bad guys rather than going for a more creative choice (none of which would be safe by the way).

Now excuse me while I climb off my high horse and go light up.

pic by LunaDiRimmel