As Everyone Knows, Size Does Matter

So that 120 page thing.... How important is it?
The often tossed about rule is that a spec script should be no longer than 120 pages. But that's just a guideline, right?

What about your 276 page epic? I mean, you've slaved over it for what... three whole weeks? And you've edited it down from 700 plus pages to just the bare bones story. You can't possibly be expected to cut anymore. (Especially not that 27 page flashback! ACK!)

I hear ya! People so need to know the layers of rich backstory as seen through the eyes of a dust bunny under the bed. How else will they understand Guard Number Three's motivation when he delivers his one line? I feel your pain.

All your buddies love it (even the cool one who actually has a life every now and then). And your relatives all have your mother's number on block to get out of listening to any more of her 'precious little screenwriter' praises. What more proof do you need? Clearly your script is a masterpiece. Surely savvy producers will overlook an extra hundred pages or so for what is most certainly the script equivalent of the second coming.

So deep down, you're not really questioning the 120 page rule. What you really want to know is much more basic:

Will Hollywood make an exception FOR YOU???

In your case, there is only one thing to do. Send it to every producer with a listed address immediately. Especially if it's your first script. Don't even bother querying first. Epics weighing more than 20lbs are hot right now. And besides, your baby is clearly a masterpiece. Producers have nothing better to do than to drop those silicone implants and devote their entire weekend to reading your monstrosity script. Trust me. Everyone else on the planet trying to break into the industry really needs to stick to the 120 page rule (actually closer to 110 is better), but you - you are the exception.

Rent a forklift and get your script to the post office immediately, then go wait by the phone for those calls to start pouring in!

The rest of us poor writers will just have to console ourselves with the words we have all muttered over and over countless times in many difficult life situations - Bigger isn't better. It's what you do with it that counts.

And if you're wondering how this post ties into dating, then you're clearly not a scriptwriter. Every scriptwriter knows that a well crafted script is a bought and paid for ticket for hot sex dates. It lures them in like groupies to a Jonas Brother.

And I don't know about you, but that sure as heck is the action I signed up for.

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